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The firm has an adequate level expertise, resources and the capacity to deal with legal issues relating to all branches of the law. The firm is financially stable and it has been in existence a considerable period of time and has a sound clientele base.

The firm has highly skilled and vastly experienced partners and professional legal assistants who are all dedicated professionals committed to devote quality time to the efficient practice and management of the firm.

To ensure that we provide a quality and efficient service the firm has put various systems in place which are as follows:

1. Every new matter is assigned to a Partner and Professional Assistant who are capable of dealing with issues in the relevant field of law.

2. We have a  system of ongoing monitoring. If the matter is being handled by a Professional Assistant, its the duty of the Partner to supervise and advise the Professional Assistant at all stages while the matter is ongoing.

3. The firm has a continuous training policy. All legal practitioners are required to attend relevant workshops to enable them to have up to date on legal knowledge in their relevant fields.

4. Clients are kept up to date on their matters being handled by the firm and to plan for the coming week.

5. The Partners and Professional Assistants meet weekly to discuss current matters being handled by the firm and to plan for the coming week.

6. The law firm has both an electronic and physical library which enhances research.

7. The firm also has a managing partner whose role is to oversee all operations of the firm. The office administrator of the firm assists the managing partner in this role.

8. The firm actively participates in and fully supports various training seminars and other activities organised by the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

The firm is accordingly in a position to offer quality legal service in all spheres of the law including corporate and commercial legal advice and litigation, labour litigation, civil litigation, debt collections, conveyancing and criminal law litigation.

We therefore assure all our clients of our commitment to provide the best quality legal services.

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